The Cigarette Boat is a sports boat and an Exotic in Scarface:The World Is Yours

Cigarette Boat


Exotic Level
Reputation Level 3
Reputation Points
Pilot and Passenger
Vehicle Type
Cigarette Boat
Appears in Traffic?


The Cigarette Boat is a sports boat in the game, it spawns in The Islands docked at Venus' bar, it spawns in either white and red or purple and yellow.

Pablo uses a Cigarette boat in the mission Freedom Town Redux as a getaway vehicle, but ends up with the boat destroyed by Tony.


The Cigarette boat is one of the fastest boats with excellent top speed and acceleration, it has a average handling compared to other boats, however, unlike the other sports boats, it is quite durable, it is ideal for cruising everywhere or buying drugs for distribution.The Cigarette Boat has two inboard V8 engines to give it its extraordinary top speed and acceleration.


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