Chico (Boy)
Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown, but the same one as one Industrial Zone workers
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Wrestler, citizen
Country of Origins Flag of Cuba Cuba
Affiliation None

"Yo, the homies and I just wanted to pay our respects."
―Chico 2 Tony

Chico (Boy) is a minor character featured in Scarface - The World Is Yours.


Chico appears to bee an Cuban deadbeat that lives in Little Havana, however unlike Tony, he is not an immigrant.


He can first be seen in the intro of the game where he will be talking with Uncle Gar while Tony is driving in the car. Chico can always be found walking around Little Banana, or sometimes in Downtown. Rearly even in South Beach and North Beach. He is the first person Tony Montana meets that respects him after completing reputation 1. He is also one of the Bloodsport fighters.

In conversation with TonyEdit

Tony: "You from Freedom Town, Chico?"

Chico: "I don't think so, chico."

Tony: "I don't think so, you're dressed to fucking nice."

Chico: "Phew, you're messing with the wrong guy today."

Tony: "I am? I'm fucking sorry."

Chico: "Yeah, does are gonna be your last words, motherfucker!"

Tony: "Don't fuck with me, cocksucker."

Chico: "...Shithead."


  • Chico means "boy" in Spanish, which points his character model.
  • He along with Maria and another guy are the first persons that respect Tony Montana at the start of the game.
  • He appears to have a short temper, and despite being between 17 or 16, already dares to threath Tony even if he is so young.
    • Despite that, like all the other civilians if he is hit he just runs away.
  • He, probably because he is Cuban, is the only citizen Tony says "Sorry" as it is possible Tony had a little respect for him, or was probably sarcastic.


He has big brown hair is caucasian in skin, has short sleeves in either his pink or green shirt, he wears blue pants and black shoes. He is skinny. He also has pockets on his shirt.

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