Characters in Scarface - The World is Yours include dose who are directly controllable by the player as well as non-playable characters, major and minor, who are encountered during the game. This page lists characters encountered during Single Player.


Each character in the game possesses unique personalities, and individual routines and jobs. Despite the fact that in the game the era known as the Miami is getting more gangs by the day, most of the characters seem to retain most of the traits, values, and personalities that are synonymous with this period. Antonio Montana meets and can interact with a variety of different characters in the game.

Character ClassesEdit

Characters are classified into these 4 categories:

Central Characters: These are characters without whom the story would not even occur. They transcend any particular section of the story because they have a larger overall importance due to their actions even before the in-game story begins.

Major Characters: All of the folks the player will interact with that move the story forward some of them help Tony, while others attemp to kill him.

Supporting Characters: These are characters that have a larger role in the story but not quite to the level of a major.

Minor Characters: Characters that play very little part in the story or are unnecessary to meet to move the story forward. Due to the number of minor characters, this list has also been further broken into categories. Most of them are random citizens.

Central CharactersEdit

Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino)

Antonio Montana, the main central character.

Major CharactersEdit

Gomez's face

Gaspar Gomez, one of the main major characters.

Supporting CharactersEdit


Coco, one of the main supporting characters.

Minor CharactersEdit

Diaz bros

Diaz Brothers, one of the main minor characters.


Random CitizensEdit

Some of them are Bloodsport fighters {{Columns|4|

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