The Cargo Ship Casino is an old cargo ship docked at Black Sands, it serves as a casino and a club, there's a bank where Tony can deposit his money and save the game and there are also Gambling activities inside, all four activities are present (Video Poker, Blackjack, Slot Machine and Bloodsport), there is a dancing floor with colored lights inside, but unlike the Babylon Club, Tony cannot dance there.

Prominent appearanceEdit

This ship is prominently featured in the mission Nacho Contreras, before this mission, Venus tells Tony that Nacho owns a Casino and he is famous for raping women and dumping their bodies in the water, Tony, who always hated Nacho, heads to the Casino and hunt down Nacho and his men, after this mission, the Contreras Cartel will be wiped out from The Islands and Tony will be free to explore the Casino.

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