Bodog Stampede


Exotic Level
Reputation Level 7
Reputation Points
Driver and Passenger
Vehicle Type
Modified armed truck
Appears in Traffic?

The Bodog Stampede is a clean, modified and armed version of the Stampede in Scarface:The World Is Yours


Like its standard variant, it is based on a Humvee, but it is clean and modified, it features large SUV wheels, Bodog decals, black body and a SAW gun in the top that can't be moved.


It is faster, more maneuverable and even more durable than the already good Stampede. It's like a tank and it can destroy enemy vehicles due to its roof mounted gun. The Bodog Stampede is a very ideal vehicle for cruising on The Islands.


  • It is quite durable, but it's not advised to shoot the police with this vehicle, as when the "you are fucked" sign comes, the police will destroy the vehicle almost instantly.
  • The cheat code for this car is BUMMER, which is a reference to its real life counterpart, the Hummer H1.


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