Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Cowboy, redneck
Country of Origins
Affiliation Rednecks, Tony Montana

"If I had a gun under 1 arm, and a piece of cash under the other, I'm a happy guy."-Billy

Billy-Joe is a minor citizen character in game Scarface: The World Is Yours.


Nothing is known of Billy's backgrund. He has a relative, Willy-Joe and a younger brother Jimmy-Joe. All of them three can be found in Trailer Park or in U-Gin Bar.


Billy-Joe can be found in Trailer Park, or in U-Gin Shotgun Bar. Billy is also a fighter in Bloodsport. Billy seems to be the bossiest guy in the Park, as he will mostly tell others what to do.

Conversation with TonyEdit

Tony Montana: Why do you chose to live in a swamp, man?

Billy-Joe: Why do you listen to that pissant shit music, fuckin' your cat in private, while yellin' your momma's name?

Tony Montana: Hey! Don't you talk shit about my mama!

Billy-Joe: Well don't come in here with all your fancy shit and expect a warm and friendly welcome, unless you are talkin' bout' moonshine or Johnny Cash.

Tony Montana: Johnny Cash? Oh, he's OK, except I didn't get that whole Ring of Fire buisness, y'know?

Billy-Joe: Well, that's the excet sort o' shit I'm talkin' bout' who mouled your sorry ass, Johnny Cash's a fuckin' God ya'll have to respect.


Billy has black chesnut hair, a little goate, and wears a dirty yellow shirt with pizza tapes on it, he has blue jeans, and wears black shoes.


  • He can sometimes appear as the Butcher's bodyguard in Sandman's missions, he will even attack Tony with a chainsaw if Tony attacks the butcher.
  • His car as he drives in the game is Chevrolet Blazer.
  • Billy appears to like listen to Johnny Cash's music.
  • Like his relative Willy-Joe, Billy kills aligators and bakes 'em up for Gator Pie, also in one of his quotes he says he would like to share the pie with Tony.
  • According to him, he likes to drink moonshine and hates big towns.

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