"C'mon man, that's not gonna work. You can't do it that way, I'm telling you. You know how you pick up chicks in this country?"
―Mission description.

Baggage Check is an optional mission on the Fountain Rock Island hotel.


The hotel manager has a problem with some of his whores. It seems as though some of them are really transvestites and are ruining his business. Find out what whores are male and discourage them from coming back. You will need to rough them up with Melee attack button, but do not kill any one of them!

The player will read this message from the game and then they will have to find three transvestites around the hotel, to identify one is easy, the player can simply conversate by pressing the interaction button and hear the person's voice, transvestites obviously have deeper voices, the player can also simply look at the person's appearance, transvestites are taller, have slender bodies and overall unattractive appearance, if the player identify a transvestite, they simply press the melee attack button and Tony will kick the transvestite in the balls, the player has to be careful, as kicking a woman will make more women attack Tony.


  • Reputation: +26,328
  • Balls: +332
  • Total cash: $15,000


Optional mission - Baggage Check mission03:35

Optional mission - Baggage Check mission


  • This mission gives Tony the unique ability to kick people in the groin, it can severely injury any men in the game, making them fall down to the ground immediately, however, before and after this mission, this ability is disabled.

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