Armored Boat


Pilot and two gunners
Vehicle Type
Armoured Boat, submarine
Appears in Traffic?

The Armored Boat  is a boat featured in Scarface: The World is Yours .


This boat bears a camouflaged livery, and features two mounted guns. Like others boats, it has no horn. It appears to be a German submarine of sorts.


Despite being a big vehicle, it is quite faster, but smaller in height than the Yacht, but bigger in shape. It is very durable as it needs at least 3 Bazooka shots to explode and 4 to 5 M-79 shots.


It can only be found in a deep cave under the Black Sands to the South-East, it stands still, however it has a driver with a gun. The driver can be killed and Tony Montana can get in it and drive it.


  • It is a German boat, despite the fact that Sosa Cartel uses it, who are mostly Colombians or Bolivians.


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