The Antique Trickcraft is a classic sports boat and an exotic in Scarface:The World Is Yours

Antique Trickcraft


Exotic Level
Reputation Level 2
Reputation Points
Driver and Passenger
Vehicle Type
Classic Sports Boat
Appears in Traffic?


The Antique Trickcraft is a classic sports boat with a wooden-like, compact body and is loosely based on the Riva Aquarama, which was famous for being owned by Ferrucio Lamborghini.


Despite what its design and real life counterpart suggests, it's not the fastest boat, however, the boat has a moderately fast top speed, calm acceleration and it's very maneuverable, the boat has a excellent handling and acceptable durability, this boat has the same engine sound as the Powerboat, but high-pitched.


  • It's a unique boat as it was owned by Ferrucio Lamborghini, however, the engine seems to be a 6-cylinder engine instead of Ferrucio's dual Lamborghini Riva.
  • It has two cornets on the front part, however, as the boats can't horn, it only serves as a decorative matter.

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