Not to be mistaken with the main antagonist Alejandro Sosa, this page is for a Cuban citizen.
Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Citizen, gangster
Country of Origins Flag of Cuba Cuba
Affiliation Contreras Cartel (occasionally)

"I know that accent, where are you from?"-Alejandro to Tony

Alejandro is a minor citizen character in game Scarface: The World Is Yours.


Not much is known of Alejandro's background. But he is an immigrant who came from Cuba to United States, like Tony Montana, due to a war breaking out in Cuba.


Alejandro can be found all around Little Havana or sometimes in Downtown or South Beach, Miami. Alejandro can also be found sniffing around and in Pedro's Pawn Shop. Alejandro may be found in The Islands after the player unlocks them. He can usually be seen in Nacho's Tanker casino playing blackjack or slot, or just drinking and relaxing on a bench. Alejandro may be seen walking outside of the Tanker and chatting with other random citizens. Alejandro along with Ese surprisingly appear as members of Contreras Cartel during the Babylon Club mission where Antonio Montana has to protect VIP from being killed and escort him to the back of the Club. Alejandro, along with Rasta Joe can also be seen as one of the enemies during the O'Grady's Liquor Store mission along with other Contreras cartel members. He can also be found as one of the fighters that the player can bet on in a Bloodsport fight. He is quite a powerful wrestler to face off, and usually wins in a fight.


"Imagine this: A film with two Mexican guys, and all they do is get high all the time."-Alejandro about a movie

"It's more and more obvious that you're a FOB: Fresh off the Boat."-Alejandro to Tony

"Hey, watch your language. You never know who's hearin' ya."-Alejandro if Tony swears at him

"Who's your daddy now, eh, papi?"-Alejandro during Bloodsport

"You remind me of my cousin, he's fucking crazy insane."-Alejandro to Tony

"Argh! FUCK!"-Alejandro when he is shoot

"Tony Montana! Come join us, come here. I'll buy you a drink."-Alejandro to Tony (Note: If subtitles are on it will not be spelled "come here" in the middle of the sentence, despite Alejandro clearly says it)


Alejandro is kinda fat and has black hair and a black combination of moustache and a little goatee. He is Latino and can wear either green short-sleeved shirt, dark green trousers and white shoes, pink short-sleeved shirt, black trousers and black shoes, or white short-sleeved shirt, brown trousers and black shoes.


  • His weapons are usually an AK-47 or .45 Automatic.
  • Alejandro, along with El Ocho, are two of the citizen type characters that have their subtitles misspelled at some point.
  • Alejandro could possibly be related to Chico, Maria, Old Woman 2 or Uncle Gar, as they all appear to be Cuban and can all be found in Little Havana, sometimes even chatting with one another.

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