.38 Automatic


Rate of fire
Reload speed
Ammo capacity
Upgrades available
Ammo price per clip
"Default pistol. Tucks in under your shirt nicely"

The .38 Automatic is a handgun in Scarface: The World Is Yours; it is modeled after the real life Walther PPK.

The .38 Automatic is used by gang members during the first half of the game, it is easy to miss this weapon, since Tony already has the much better .45 Automatic from the start. However, it still makes up for a decent gun until later in the storyline, if you go for headshots. Though widely used by gangs the weapon is available at an arms dealer for $100 and ammo for $50 each clip, making it the cheapest purchasable weapon of all. It doen't have any modifications.



  • In real life the Walther PPK can't shoot .38 caliber ammo, however, it can shoot .380 ACP rounds which are comonly mistaken for .38's.
  • The .38 Automatic is a reskined version of the .45 Automatic in a blue finish.

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